Ep.#1: The Search for Truth: Documentary Filmmaking with Risa Beer

It’s an amazing adventure, not for the faint of heart...there is nothing else I could possibly imagine being as fulfilling as this.

If you binge watch documentaries on the National Geographic channel, History Channel, Travel Channel or Netflix, this one is for you. 

My podcast guest for this episode is the very talented Risa Beer (Risa Okamoto). She is an award-winning documentary producer/director, and a media educator. She has directed and produced numerous documentaries for major international broadcasters including Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Bio Channel, Crime & Investigation Channel, The Travel Channel, Channel News Asia, and Sony Pictures. Her recent awards include a Gold World Medal for Best Social Issues Program at the New York Festivals International TV and Film Awards, and Silver World Medals for Best Directing, Best Biography/Profile and Best Community Service Program. 

Her work covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from rodeo bull riders in Texas to human trafficking in Nepal; from the ancient wonders of China, to the history of Japanese food. 

In this pilot episode, we talk about a range of topics from filmmaking (of course) to surfing, to hanging out of airplanes while 8 months pregnant. We dive deep into the emotional substance at the core of her films and what drives her to pick up the camera and shoot. 

We had a lot of fun recording this episode and I couldn't have picked a better guest to help me launch this pilot/experiment! Enjoy!