Ep.#2: Nate Clowar: Video Games, Investing, and building your own car

Getting into games or freelance...If you’re just starting out...now is one of the coolest times.

Nate is a good friend of mine and his interests cover a broad spectrum, from body surfing Sandy Beach to building cars. Early on when I started this podcast I knew I wanted to get him on the show. 

Nate has been working as an artist since 1990, with many of those years in the video game industry. He's been a lead artist, environment artist, TD and Art Director at some of the biggest video game companies. He's currently doing freelance work for the automotive and video game industries. 

Nate and his family have also been investing in real estate for decades and we dig a little into the nuts and bolts of that side business. 

This episode was a lot of fun. I apologize for the barking dogs in the background through some of it, but that's all part of the ambiance, right?!