Ep.#3: Advertising, Screenwriting and Navigating Hollywood with Brian Watanabe

You hit the lottery. This is your first script. You’re getting it made...this almost never happens.

Brian Watanabe is a screenwriter, Copywriter, Creative Director and Blogger. He's written two screenplays which have both been produced for the big screen. His first, Operation End Game, has a stellar cast which includes the likes of Ellen Barkin, Rob Corrdry, Maggie Q, and Zach Galifianakis among others. 

His second screenplay was "Maisa", and it was the first ever animated film produced completely in the Chamorro language. 

Brian got his start in advertising and is now a freelance copywriter and director. His client list includes the likes of AT&T, McDonald's, Intel, Kraft, Mazda, Major League Baseball and many more. 

We cover a wide range of topics in this episode including advertising, screenwriting, and getting a script produced in Hollywood. We nerd out for a bit on films and cartoons and discuss the film industry in general. For all aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, Mad Men and creatives, this will be a fun one!