Ty Robinson is the host of the Renaissance Effect Podcast, an avid Outdoorsman, Producer/Product Manager, Investor, Advisor, MBA, and Creator of the Liquid Financial Wellness Program. He is also a production consultant in the Virtual and Augmented Reality industries.

As a Wealth Strategist, he helps employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs implement strategies to increase monthly passive income, rapidly pay off debt, and align their finances with their lifestyle and most important goals. Ty has also authored several eBooks including "Crypto Profits", an introduction to the cryptocurrency revolution. 

Ty has been investing for 20 years with a focus on Real Estate holds and flips, Stocks, Options, Forex, P2P investments and Cryptocurrency. 

Previously, Ty worked in the video game and animation industries, working on games such as Dance Dance Revolution, TMNT and Star Wars Star Fighter as well as animated TV commercials for Bell South and Motif Wines. Ty has also produced two animated films, "Haloa" and "Maisa" which have screened in film festivals around the world. 

After going out on his own, he started up a software company specializing in software engineering for the video game industry, primarily serving the Asia market. Some of the company's key clients were Sanrio, Outblaze and MXR Corp. Ty has also owned an animation company which worked on films and commercials as well as two series pilot episodes.

Ty attended the Academy of Art University and majored in 3D Animation. He received his MBA from the University of Liverpool.


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Ty Robinson

Host of the Renaissance Effect Podcast, Dad, Outdoorsman, Producer/Product Manager, Investor, Advisor, MBA, Creator of the Liquid Financial Wellness Program.

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5 little known facts about me:

  1. I dabble in photography.

  2. I'm "Hafu", (half Japanese) and I can speak just enough Japanese to get myself in trouble.

  3. My favorite food on earth is Otoro (super fatty tuna)- the better, fattier version of Chūtoro.

  4. I'm an avid surfer, hunter and outdoorsman. I once hiked the entire Kalalau trail in slippers (flipflops to you mainlanders). Yeah…don’t do that.

  5. I'm a brown belt in Judo. I've also been known to dabble in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I've trained in Muay Thai extensively at Fairtex, where I was lucky enough to train under Bunkerd Fairtex, Ganyao Fairtex, Jongsanan Fairtex and the late Alex Gong.